• Aaa Alex's Ada Assortment (of miscellaneous utilities)
  • Ada_fuse Ada bindings for Fuse (Filesystem in Userspace)
  • Ada_language_server An implementation of the Microsoft's Language Server Protocol for Ada
  • Ada_lua An Ada binding for lua
  • Ada_pretty Ada Pretty Printer Library
  • Ada_toml TOML parser for Ada
  • Ada_voxel_space_demo Voxel Space render engine demo in Ada
  • Adabots Learn Ada by programming Minecraft robots
  • Adacl Ada Class Library
  • Adayaml Experimental YAML 1.3 implementation in Ada
  • Adl_middleware Middleware layer of the Ada Drivers Library project
  • Admpfr Ada bindings for MPFR
  • Ado Ada Database Objects (Core library)
  • Ado_all Ada Database Objects (All drivers)
  • Ado_mysql Ada Database Objects (Mysql)
  • Ado_postgresql Ada Database Objects (PostgreSQL)
  • Ado_sqlite Ada Database Objects (SQLite)
  • Aflex An Ada Lexical Analyzer Generator
  • Agpl Ada General Purpose Library with a robotics flavor
  • Aicwl Ada Industrial Control Widgets Library
  • Ajunitgen Generator of JUnit-compatible XML reports
  • Akt Ada Keystore Tool
  • Anagram Grammar handling and parser generation Ada library
  • Ansiada ANSI escape sequences
  • Apdf Portable package for producing dynamically PDF documents
  • Are Advanced Resource Embedder
  • Asfml Ada binding to SFML, the Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
  • Ashell Allows running and interacting with OS programs.
  • Asis Ada Semantic Interface Specification or ASIS (library part)
  • Atari_atr_tools Atari / SIO2PC tools for ATR-files
  • Atomic Standalone Ada/SPARK bindings to GCC atomic built-ins
  • Audio_base Basic Ada packages for audio applications
  • Audio_wavefiles Ada Wavefile Library
  • Aunit Ada unit test framework
  • Automate Ada finite-state machine generator
  • Avltrees Threaded AVL trees library for Ada
  • Avrada_examples Sample applications in Ada for AVR microcontrollers
  • Avrada_lib Library of drivers for AVR microcontrollers
  • Avrada_mcu Device (MCU) specific definitions for AVR microcontrollers
  • Avrada_rts Minimal run time system (RTS) for AVR 8bit controllers
  • Awa Ada Web Application
  • Awa_unit Ada Web Application (Testing framework)
  • Aws Ada Web Server
  • Axmpp XMPP client library in Ada
  • Ayacc An Ada LARL(1) parser generator


  • B2ssum BLAKE2s file hash utility
  • Bar_codes Generate various types of bar codes on different output formats
  • Basalt Collection of formally verified building blocks
  • Base64 Base64 encoding/decoding routines
  • Bb_pico_bsp Ada BSP for the Keyboard Featherwing + RPI PICO
  • Bbqueue DMA friendly lock-free BipBuffer
  • Bingada Bingo application in GTKAda with sound in ASFML
  • Blake2s SPARK83 implementation of the BLAKE2s hash function
  • Brackelib Library which contains various utility packages.


  • C_strings Convenience subprograms to interact with C strings
  • Canberra_ada Ada 2012 bindings for libcanberra
  • Cbsg Corporate Bullshit Generator library
  • Chacha20 ChaCha20 implementation in Ada.
  • Chests Chests are bounded containers
  • Clic Command Line Interface Components
  • Cmd_ada Command based text UI, inspired by Python cmd module
  • Cobs Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing (COBS) encoder/decoder
  • Cortex_m Drivers for Cortex-M micro-controllers (NVIC, SysTick, etc.)


  • Dashera DASHER Terminal Emulator
  • Dcf Ada 2012 library for document container files, Zip-based archive files
  • Dependency_graph_extractor Extract dependency information from Ada projects
  • Dg_loada dg_loada loads (restores) legacy DG AOS/VS DUMP_II files
  • Dir_iterators Ways of moving around directory trees
  • Dotenv Loads environment variables from .env for Ada projects.
  • Dummyserver DummyServer is a terminal program that serves dummy content
  • Dynamo Dynamo Ada Generator


  • Eagle_lander Apollo 11 lunar lander simulator
  • Edc_client Client library for: github.com/hgrodriguez/embedded-dashboard-console
  • Eeprom_i2c EEPROM I2C drivers library for embedded platforms
  • Elada Expression Language Library (JSR245)
  • Elevator A Simple Elevator System
  • Emacs_ada_mode Parser for Emacs ada-mode
  • Emacs_gpr_mode parser for Emacs gpr mode
  • Emacs_gpr_query Emacs xref backend using information output by GNAT compiler.
  • Emacs_wisi Ada code for Emacs wisi ELPA package
  • Emacs_wisitoken_grammar_mode parser for Emacs wisitoken-grammar mode
  • Embedded_components Platform agnostic drivers to interface external components
  • Emojis A library to replace names between colons with emojis
  • Endianness Convenience subprograms to convert between Big- and Little-endianness
  • Epoll Linux epoll binding
  • Esp_idf Ada binding for the ESP-IDF SDK
  • Euler_tools Assortment of mathematical functions to solve Project Euler problems.
  • Evdev Library for input devices and force-feedback using Linux' evdev API
  • Ews Embedded Web Server
  • Excel_writer Produce Excel spreadsheets




  • Hac HAC Ada Compiler: a small, quick Ada compiler covering a subset of Ada
  • Hal Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Hangman Hangman game for the console
  • Hello 'Hello, world!' demonstration project
  • Hmac HMAC implemented in Ada
  • Honki_tonks_zivilisationen The Code of my 4X turn-based strategy game.
  • Hungarian Ada wrapper for the fast Stachniss' Hungarian solver


  • Ini_files A standalone, portable Ada package for configuration files
  • Inotify Monitor filesystem events using Linux' inotify API
  • Iso ISO Standard references for Ada such as 1366 & 4217 (Country & Currency)
  • Iterators Functional iterators a la Rust
  • Itsybitsy_bsp Board support package for Arduino ItsyBitsy
  • Itsybitsy_rp2040_bsp Board support package for Arduino ItsyBitsy RP2040


  • J2ada Almost Java to Ada translator
  • Json An Ada 2012 library for parsing JSON
  • Jupyter_kernel Jupyter Kernel for Ada
  • Jwt JSON Web Token (JWT) implementation in Ada



  • Labs_radar Introductory Ada exercises based around a fake radar codebase
  • Labs_solar_system A set of SDL-based exercises to learn Ada
  • Labs_standalone Ada exercices for training
  • Lace Contains a set of low level re-usable Ada components.
  • Lace_box2d Provides a thin Ada binding to the 'box2d' C++ project.
  • Lace_bullet Provides a thin Ada binding to the 'bullet' C++ project.
  • Lace_c_math A binding to the C math code used by box2d & bullet bindings.
  • Lace_collada A Collada parser.
  • Lace_gel A 2D/3D game engine library (GEL).
  • Lace_gel_animation_demo A demo of GEL's human animation.
  • Lace_gel_full_demo A demo of most of GEL's features.
  • Lace_math Provides an Ada package family covering pure and applied mathematics.
  • Lace_opengl Provides an openGL engine.
  • Lace_physics Provides 2D/3D rigid body dynamics simulation.
  • Lace_shared Default settings for GPR files in the Lace project.
  • Lace_swig Provides packages required by bindings produced by the 'swig4ada' tool.
  • Lace_xml Provides simple XML read/write support.
  • Lal_highlight Simple code highlighters based on Libadalang
  • Langkit_support Runtime support library for Langkit-generated libraries
  • Libadalang Ada semantic analysis library
  • Libadalang2xml Generates XML for Ada source, using libadalang.
  • Libadalang_tools Ada semantic analysis library extension and tools
  • Libgnatdoc GNAT Documentation Generation Tool (as a library)
  • Libgpr GNAT Project File Library
  • Libgpr2 Parser for GPR Project File
  • Libhello Basic library demonstration project
  • Libkeccak SHA-3 and related algorithms
  • Libsimpleio Linux Simple I/O Library for GNAT Ada
  • Linenoise_ada Bindings to the Linenoise line editing library
  • Littlefs Ada/SPARK binding for the LittleFS flash embedded filesystem
  • Lmdb_ada Bindings to the Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
  • Loga Simple library for simple logging. Like npm package "debug", but for Ada
  • Ltp_305 Driver for Pimoroni LED
  • Lvgl_ada Bindings for the LVGL embedded GUI framework
  • Lvgl_ada_examples Examples for the LVGL embedded GUI framework Ada binding
  • Lvgl_ada_simulator Native simulator of an LVGL display
  • Lzmada Ada LZMA Library Binding



  • Ncursesada Ada binding to the ncurses text user interface library
  • Nrf5x_hal Drivers and HAL for the Nordic nRF5X micro-controller family



  • Parse_args An Ada 2012 package to parse command line arguments and options
  • Partord Small library for sorting with partial orders
  • Pbkdf2 PBKDF2 implemented in Ada
  • Pico_bsp Board support package for Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Pico_examples Examples for Ada on the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Play_2048 2048 game: merge tiles with the same number until you add up to 2048
  • Powerjoular Monitoring the power consumption of multiple platforms and processes
  • Ppag First steps with Gnoga
  • Program_proofs_in_spark Programs from the book Program Proofs in SPARK
  • Progress_indicators Ways of displaying progress in command line tools.
  • Protobuf Google Protocol Buffers implementation in Ada
  • Pygamer_bsp Board Support Package for the AdaFruit PyGamer
  • Pygamer_simulator SDL simulator of the AdaFruit PyGamer console


  • Qoi Ada/SPARK implementation of the Quite Ok Image format


  • Raspberry_bsp Board Support package for Raspberry PI v1, v2 and B+
  • Rclada ROS2 Ada Client Library
  • Rclada_examples ROS2 Ada Client Library - Examples
  • Rejuvenation Analysis and manipulation of Ada code based on concrete patterns
  • Remoteio Remote I/O Protocol Client Library for GNAT Ada
  • Resources Utility library to handle project resources at run-time
  • Rewriters Easy, yet advanced manipulation of Ada code
  • Rp2040_hal Drivers and HAL for the RP2040 micro-controller family
  • Rsfile Randomly pick a file with probability proportional to its size
  • Rtmidi Ada "middleweight" binding for the rtMIDI library
  • Rxada Experimental implementation of ReactiveX in Ada


  • Saatana SPARK/Ada Algorithms Targeting Advanced Network Applications
  • Samd51_hal Drivers and HAL for the SAMD51 micro-controller family
  • Scripted_testing Integration testing
  • Sdlada Ada 2012 SDL 2.x bindings.
  • Security Security Library for HTTP client and server with OAuth2 support
  • Semantic_versioning Semantic Versioning in Ada
  • Septum An interactive context-based text search tool for large codebases.
  • Serverfaces Web Server Faces JSR 252, JSR 314 and JSR 344
  • Serverfaces_unit Web Server Faces JSR 252, JSR 314 and JSR 344 (Testing framework)
  • Servletada Web Servlet Library following JSR 154, JSR 315 (Core)
  • Servletada_aws Web Servlet Library following JSR 154, JSR 315 (AWS)
  • Servletada_unit Web Servlet Library following JSR 154, JSR 315 (Testing framework)
  • Sh1107 Driver for the SH1107/OLED 128x128 monochrome display
  • Sha1 Secure Hash Algorithm 1 implemented in Ada
  • Sha2 Secure Hash Algorithm 2 implemented in Ada
  • Shoot_n_loot Platform game for the AdaFruit PyGamer console
  • Si_units Pretty print physical values in properly scaled metric (SI) units.
  • Simh_tapes Library to handle SimH Standard magnetic tape image files
  • Simple_components Simple Components - A collection of support packages
  • Simple_logging Simple logging to console
  • Simple_regex Port of Rob Pike's simple regex from the Practice of Programming.
  • Slip SLIP Protocol Implementation
  • Socketcan An Ada language binding to SocketCAN for GNU/Linux systems
  • Spark_unbound Unbound data structures in Ada-Spark
  • Sparknacl Verified SPARK 2014 re-implementation of TweetNaCl cryptographic library
  • Spat SPAT - SPARK Proof Analysis Tool
  • Spawn A simple library to spawn processes and communicate with them.
  • Spawn_glib A simple library to spawn processes and communicate with them.
  • Spdx SPDX License Expression Validator
  • Specfun Native Ada library of special functions (e.g., beta, gamma)
  • Spoon Use posix_spawn() to spawn processes without forking
  • Startup_gen Generates startup files (crt0 and linker script)
  • Stephes_ada_library Stephe's Ada library; miscellaneous useful stuff.
  • Stm32f0x2_hal Drivers and HAL for stm32f0x2 mcu family
  • Stopwatch Keep track of elapsed time
  • Svd2ada Ada binding generator from CMSIS-SVD hardware descriptions files
  • System_random Minimal library to retrieve random data from system sources



  • Uri_ada Processing of URI strings
  • Uri_mime URI & MIME Type Parsing and Manupulation
  • Usb_embedded An Ada USB stack for embedded devices
  • Utf8test Test the terminal behavior when outputting Latin-1 and UTF-8 strings
  • Utilada Utility Library with streams, processes, logs, serialization, encoders
  • Utilada_aws Utility Library REST support on top of AWS
  • Utilada_curl Utility Library REST support on top of CURL
  • Utilada_lzma Utility Library streams with LZMA support
  • Utilada_unit Utility Library testing framework with Ahven
  • Utilada_xml Utility Library serialization with XML/Ada
  • Uxstrings Unicode Extended Strings utilities


  • Vaton Verified Ascii To Number conversion written in Ada/SPARK
  • Virtapu A virtual Audio Processing Unit to simulate 8-bit era game sounds
  • Vss Advanced string and text manipulation with Unicode support



  • Xdg_base_dir XDG Base Directory Specification
  • Xia Implements XPath 1.0 in Ada
  • Xml_ez_out Creation of XML-formatted output from Ada programs
  • Xmlada The XML/Ada toolkit
  • Xoshiro xoshiro128++ and xoshiro256++ pseudo-random number generators


  • Yeison A JSON-like data structure using Ada 2022 features


  • Zeromq_ada An Ada-binding the ØMQ library
  • Zipada Manage Zip Archives and raw LZMA streams
  • Zipdcf Tools that can (un)zip document container files, Zip-based archive files
  • Zlib_ada ZLib for Ada thick binding

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