Advanced Resource Embedder

License: Apache-2.0
Version: 1.2.0
Dependencies: Tags: resource embedder generator
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The resource embedder allows to embed files in binaries by producing C, Ada or Go source files that contain the original files.

To generate a and config.adb Ada package with the resources, you may use:

are --lang=Ada -o src --resource=config --name-access --fileset='**/*.conf' config

Complex resource integrations are best described with and XML and are generated with:

are --lang=Ada -o src --rule=package.xml --name-access .

For Ada, it generates the following package declaration with the Get_Content function that gives access to the files. The Ada body contains the content of each embedded file.

package Config is
  function Get_Content (Name : in String)
    return access constant String;
end Config;