Ada Keystore Tool

Author: Stephane.Carrez@gmail.com
Maintainer: Stephane.Carrez@gmail.com
License: Apache-2.0
Version: 1.3.3
Dependencies: Tags: security storage nosql
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AKT is a tool to store and protect your sensitive information and documents by encrypting them in secure keystore (AES-256, HMAC-256).

Create the keystore and protect it with a gpg public key:

   akt create secure.akt --gpg <keyid> ...

Store a small content:

   akt set secure.akt bank.password 012345

Store files, directory or a tar file:

   akt store secure.akt notes.txt
   akt store secure.akt contract.doc
   akt store secure.akt directory
   tar czf - . | akt store secure.akt -- backup

Edit a content with your $EDITOR:

   akt edit secure.akt bank.password
   akt edit secure.akt notes.txt

Get a content:

   akt get secure.akt bank.password
   akt extract secure.akt contract.doc
   akt extract secure.akt -- backup | tar xzf -