Utility Library with streams, processes, logs, serialization, encoders

Author: Stephane.Carrez@gmail.com
Maintainer: Stephane.Carrez@gmail.com
License: Apache-2.0
Version: 2.1.0
Dependencies: No dependency.
Tags: logging processes streams json beans encoders decoders

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This Ada05 library contains various utility packages for building Ada05 applications. This includes:

  • A logging framework close to Java log4j framework,
  • Support for properties
  • A serialization/deserialization framework for XML, JSON, CSV
  • Ada beans framework
  • Encoding/decoding framework (Base16, Base64, SHA, HMAC-SHA, AES-256)
  • A composing stream framework (raw, files, buffers, pipes, sockets)
  • Several concurrency tools (reference counters, counters, pools, fifos, arrays)
  • Process creation and pipes
  • Support for loading shared libraries (on Windows or Unix)
  • HTTP client library on top of CURL or AWS

Ada Util also provides a small test utility library on top of Ahven or AUnit to help in writing unit tests. Ahven is the default testing framework as it provides better reports.