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Remote I/O Protocol Client Library for GNAT Ada

#embedded #linux #remoteio #adc #dac #gpio #i2c #motor #pwm #sensor #serial #servo #spi #stepper

This crate contains a subset of the Linux Simple I/O Library Ada packages that are relevant for building Remote I/O Protocol client programs.

This crate can be built for Linux, MacOS, or Windows targets.

The Remote I/O Protocol is a lightweight message protocol for performing remote I/O operations. The protocol is implemented using a request/reply pattern, where the master device (e.g. a Linux computer) transmits an I/O request in a 64-byte message to the slave device (e.g. a single chip microcontroller). The slave device performs the requested I/O operation and returns an I/O response in a 64-byte message back to the master device.

The protocol is kept as simple as possible (exactly one 64-byte request message and one 64- byte response message) to allow using low end single chip microcontrollers such as the PIC16F1455 for the slave device. Although particularly suited for USB raw HID devices, this protocol can use any transport mechanism that can reliably transmit and receive 64-byte messages.